With firsthand experience across oil & gas, healthcare and finance industries, Essvai’s data experts bring the opportunity to obtain competitive advantage from your ever-growing amount of data through advanced analytics and AI.  


Data Improves Decision Making


Data to Information


Information to Insights



Insights to Actions



Translating the raw databases into digital format is the first step to benefit from your investment in collecting these valuable assets. Sometimes the data, which is in qualitative form, needs to be quantified. After getting the data prepared, it is time for an iterative process of discovering patterns as well as handling the duplicates, missing values, noises and outliers. This step requires an intense investment of resources. However, it provides some crucial information. Gaining insights through advanced analytics and smart data modeling is of utmost importance for maintaining competitive advantages as data-driven actions have a far more significant impact on future success. Does your company have time and expertise for thorough data science? That’s where Essvai comes in.

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