Essvai was established in Canada with the mission of presenting Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solutions to succeed in the digital age. Bringing a deep understanding of state-of-the-art academic research with firsthand experience across the industry to the table, Essvai creates competitive advantages for clients.


Patented Technology

Automatic Control System for Injection of Gas Hydrate Inhibitor in Gas Transportation Pipelines

Production, processing and transportation of natural gas can be significantly affected by gas hydrates. Further to the blockage of pipelines, the movement of hydrate plugs at high velocity may cause severe damage. The most common method for preventing hydrate phenomenon is injection of hydrate inhibitors. The designed AI-based system provides as automatic injection of hydrate inhibitor to gas pipelines by optimum rate. The proposed approach is capable of working with both thermodynamic inhibitors and LDHIs.

Completed Projects

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Mohammad M. Ghiasi | CEO

Before the start of Essvai, Mohammad served as Sr. Research Engineer, Sr. Data Analyst and Production Engineer. He has a solid background in multidisciplinary engineering science with experience in Python and Matlab programming. Additionally, he has expertise in mathematical, numerical and predictive modeling as well as linear and nonlinear classification and regression analyses. He has (co)authored more than 40 ISI-ranked papers. He also holds a patent related to the clathrate hydrate’s technology. His educational background includes a BSc in Chemical Engineering, a MSc in Energy Systems Engineering, a MSc in Chemical Engineering and a MEng in Process Engineering.

Before the start of Essvai, Mohammad cooperated with leading oil and gas companies  to develop  industrial software related to geophysics, geomechanics and drilling. His main research interests are in the area of automated drilling, numerical simulation of fully coupled phenomena in porous media as well as the application of Quantum Scattering Theory in rock physics. His educational background includes a BSc in Drilling Engineering, a MSc in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in Physical & Mathematical Sciences-major in Geophysics. 

Mohammad F. Ghasemi | CTO

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